Character Development


This course explores the often scrutinised subject of character development and its contribution to success in terms of living, learning, and earning. We trace its Ancient Greek roots to its position within positive psychological frameworks in use today.

Mr Bernhard is the main protagonist within the course, along with three of his students – Charlotte, Max and Stacey. Mr Bernhard is compelled to go beyond his curriculum responsibilities to provide them with valuable mentoring advice about the skills, mindset and character required to lead a successful and flourishing life.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Describe the importance of key character traits needed for success in living, learning, and earning 
  2. Explain how personality and character are different things and both have different categorisations types
  3. State how a growth mindset can be used to develop character strengths
  4. Discuss the various strategies for improving one’s character strengths
  5. Use role models and gamification to facilitate character development
  6. Explore how the Golden Mean can be used to develop habits that lead to phronesis and virtuous character traits
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