Introduction to Mentoring


This taster course provides an introduction to mentoring. You will explore some of the challenges associated with mentoring because of the widespread use of the term and different interpretations of it. You will be introduced to elements of effective mentoring practice that are rooted in research that has been applied in a real world mentoring context. The benefits of mentorship programmes will also be discussed and how these reach beyond the person being mentored.

During the course you will help to develop and launch a mentorship programme for new employees at a charity organisation that you work for. In doing so, you will develop your understanding of mentoring and learn more about the format of courses within this series.

By the end of this course you will be able to: #

  1. Describe challenges surrounding the widespread use of the term “mentoring” and key differences with coaching
  2. Justify the importance of evidence based practice and professional standards within mentorship programmes
  3. Evaluate benefits of mentorship programmes for mentees, mentors and other stakeholders
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