Mentoring 101


This course provides an overview of the important elements of effective mentoring programmes. This includes the qualities, skills and experiences of mentors; the structure of successful mentoring sessions and the significance of addressing emotions presented by mentees.

The course is based around your professional support for Bill, who is a fellow mentor in a school that you have just been employed by. Each lesson focuses on a different stage of your mentoring relationship with him and specific challenges you face along the way. The questions asked will test your mentoring knowledge and understanding of the learning resources for each lesson. These resources are accessed using the “Materials” tab which is found above each of the scenarios and assessment questions.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Describe personal skills and characteristics of mentors that are more likely to deliver positive outcomes for their mentees.
  2. Propose a successful structure for mentoring sessions that contains goal setting and reviews of previous targets set.
  3. Demonstrate how to effectively support the emotions of mentees using a proven coaching process.
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