Physical Activity


This course shows how increasing physical activity levels within a mentoring programme can be both an outcome in itself and a method of delivering other outcomes.

During the course, Zoe is going to be the main focus of your attention. You work in the same organisation and you have some concerns about Zoe’s future within it. Although you are not close as colleagues, you observe a change in her behavior that is a cause of some concern for you.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Explain why physical inactivity is a major concern for society in terms of health and the economy
  2. Outline the recommended weekly levels of moderate and vigorous physical activity
  3. Describe the neurological response to exercise and how this improves cognitive performance
  4. Explain organisational benefits of a physically active workforce and methods they could employ to nurture this culture
  5. Apply four behaviour change strategies that have proven to be effective in increasing levels of physical activity
  6. Frame physical activity within the wider context of an individual’s life within mentoring conversations
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