ENHANCE: Libra Edition

ENHANCE: Libra Edition is a digital development programme for young people aged 13 to 18 that improves brain health to enhance their cognitive skills, emotional wellbeing and school performance.
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Programme Summary

ENHANCE: Libra Edition is a 12 week development programme that has been specifically designed for children aged between 9 and 12. It uses a combination of neurocognitive training, positive psychology and wellbeing education to equip learners with the tools needed for success in school and beyond.

The programme is powered by the gold standard in neurocognitive training software, BrainHQ. Learners are required to complement their school curriculum time training with one session at home each week with further sessions encouraged.

Who is it for?

ENHANCE: Libra Edition has been specifically designed for children aged between 8 and 13. It is a powerful tool to support high stakes examinations in schools and the difficult transition between primary and secondary settings.

Programme Outcomes

This integrated learning and neurocognitive training programme will maximise this important stage of childhood development and deliver a range of benefits that will give all learners an unfair advantage for life.

Achieving the required training targets will results in significant improvements in each the following cognitive domains:

  • Attention
  • Processing Speed
  • Working Memory
  • People Skills
  • Spatial Intelligence
  • Executive Function

The overall effect of this will be the ability of learners to:

Focus Longer > Think Quicker > Learn Faster > Feel Better

It is widely recognised that academic studies alone do not always lead to the development of employability skills demanded by 21st century employers.

Improved cognitive abilities will enable learners to acquire these sought after skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, citizenship and character.

Additional consequences of brain health improvements are enhanced mental health, clarity of thought and locus of control.

The greater levels of self efficacy that result from successful completion of this programme will give learners greater confidence in their abilities. Moreover, they will gain awareness of their development areas and have the mindset needed to address them.

Programme Content​

Applied Neuroscience

What makes a healthier brain and how this leads to improved cognitive functions. Also, how this is achieved during the programme.


Psychological and emotional strategies that are needed in order to thrive and get the most out of life. Important lessons to learn whilst young.

Brain Boosters

Positive lifestyle habits that improve brain health and overall wellbeing. How these brain boosters lead to improved outcomes is also discussed.

Training Challenges

Opportunities for learners to showcase their progress in the six important cognitive domains including attention, brain speed and memory.

Mentor Support

Bespoke mentoring from class teachers to ensure that all learners are engaging and fully benefiting from the programme.

Programme Length

ENHANCE: Libra Edition is a 24 hour programme. The 12 week duration means that the weekly commitment is a minimum of two hours.

Each week consists of 30 mins of online learning and a neurocognitive training target of 90 mins. However, the benefits of exceeding this training target is explained within the course.

A typical training schedule for ENHANCE: Libra Edition is 15 mins per day for 6 days per week.

Programme Designer

John has worked in the education and professional development sectors for over 25 years. His health mentoring programmes have benefited thousands of people in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces and he continues to pioneer new ways of enhancing learning, wellbeing and performance outcomes.

ENHANCE: Libra Edition
This programme includes:


Any questions?

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