ENHANCE for Business

Enhance business performance, talent pipelines, skill acquisition and social value with a proven workforce development solution.

Human-Centred Design

For any business, the biggest driver of success is the performance of its people.

How effectively they focus. How fast they learn. The quality of their decision making. And whether they have the skills to maintain their wellbeing, even in challenging times.

ENHANCE science

World Class Science

We often think those abilities are largely pre-defined. But they’re not. They can be developed at any age.

That’s why we’ve partnered with world-leading neuroscientists to develop ENHANCE.

Proven Results

ENHANCE is more than just an app. It’s an integrated neurocognitive development programme that’s been proven to deliver performance and wellbeing improvements.

ENHANCE benefits
ENHANCE tablets

Your Social Value Advantage

We also know that delivering social impact adds commercial value.

That’s why we give ENHANCE to a disadvantaged school every time a business enrols a new cohort. So doing good for your people also does good within your local community.