ENHANCE for Education

Enhance the education experience by improving the cognitive performance and brain health of your staff and students.


These benefits can be yours simply by including ENHANCE within your daily timetable for just 12 weeks.

These 2 x 15 min sessions at the start of morning and afternoon sessions prime students for learning and boost their longer term brain development.

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…but powerful

This neurocognitive development software has been evaluated in over 100 research trials to prove that it works.

The powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning ensure that each training session counts and users always work in their threshold zone for maximum results.

Inclusive and Accessible

Completing the programme requires structure, commitment and motivation.

This is why we’ve designed learning leaderboards and training dashboards; made the platform accessible from any device; and created staff mentoring programmes to ensure that every student succeeds.

ENHANCE Training Dashboard
ENHANCE Certificate Website

Recognised and Rewarded

ENHANCE graduates can relax in the knowledge that the results of their training will be sustained for many years to come.

During the programme, they will be rewarded with digital badges and a certificate to recognise their progress and achievement.