ENHANCE: Matrix Edition

ENHANCE: Matrix Edition is an evidence-based digital development programme that delivers real world performance and wellbeing outcomes
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Programme Summary

This integrated mentoring, learning and neurocognitive development programme delivers a range of benefits that will elevate your expectations from life.   

This is not an online course. This is not life coaching.  This is not just another app.

This programme requires commitment, belief and a real desire to experience more from life. Very few people have what it takes to change their future and sign up for this transformational opportunity. But those that do are glad they did.  

Programme Outcomes

Enhance your neurological health and create the conditions needed for sustained behaviour change and improved wellbeing

Achieve cognitive clarity so that you can focus your efforts on what a happy, healthy and fulfilled life really means to you

Become the best version of yourself and achieve personal goals that will enrich the lives of family, friends and colleagues

Who is it for?

ENHANCE: Matrix Edition is for anyone aged 18+ who wants to achieve more from life. It will equip users with skills, tools and strategies to reach goals and objective that are important to them that may have previously felt out of reach.

These achievements could be related to health, career, relationships or anything that requires positive behaviour change. After successful completion, users are empowered to continue their personal growth journeys that may involve mentoring others through their ENHANCE Programme.

Programme Content​


Psychological and emotional strategies that are needed in order to thrive and get the most from life

Neuroscience Basics

How a healthier brain leads to improved cognitive abilities and how these are achieved within the programme

Mentor Support

Bespoke ENHANCE Mentoring from class teachers to ensure that all learners are engaging effectively

Programme Length

ENHANCE: Matrix Edition is a 36 hour programme. The 12 week duration means that the weekly commitment is a minimum of three hours.

Each week consists of 30 mins of online learning and a neurocognitive training target of 2.5 hours. However, the benefits of exceeding this training target is explained within the course.

A typical training schedule for ENHANCE: Matrix Edition is 2 x 15 mins per day for 6 days per week.

Programme Designer

John has worked in the education and professional development sectors for over 25 years. His health mentoring programmes have benefited thousands of people in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces and he continues to pioneer new ways of enhancing learning, wellbeing and performance outcomes.

ENHANCE: Matrix Edition
This programme includes:


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Feel free to get in touch so that we can answer any questions you may have before enrolling on this life changing programme.