Personal Branding

This course unpacks the concept of Personal Branding and how it can be used within the mentoring process. In particular, we will explore how you can develop and share a Personal Brand that is authentic and builds on your key strengths and interests.
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Course Objective

To explore how to create and use your Personal Brand within mentoring programmes to strengthen relationships with mentees and deliver improved outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use your Personal Brand to form close connections with mentees
  2. Identify your Signature Strengths and how to incorporate Flow Theory within mentoring programmes
  3. Describe how Personal Brands can be used outside mentoring programmes to lead more authentic and fulfilling lives


The course follows your journey from registering your interest to become a mentor in your organisation’s mentoring programme to your first session with a mentee. Within each lesson you will be asked a series of questions to help understand the importance of developing a Personal Brand, what it should contain and how it can be used. In order to answer these questions you will have to research the topics using a range of articles and websites that can be accessed using the “Materials” tab above the scenario or questions.

These resources will not give you the assessment answers immediately. You will need to read and digest them to find the specific pieces of information needed to answer the questions. This will have the effect of cementing the learning in your memory as you use what learning psychologists call “active processing” to understand the materials and extract the information you need. If you get an answer wrong, don’t despair; go back and look again. All the information you need is there to be found. Remember that one or more of the options may be correct for each assessment question. Select as many of the options as you think are applicable.

Course Designer

John has worked in the education and professional development sectors for over 25 years. His health mentoring programmes have benefited thousands of people in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces and he continues to pioneer new ways of enhancing learning, wellbeing and performance.

Personal Branding

This course includes:


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