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After the lesson where Mr Bernhard gave his passionate monologue about the relative importance of character, Stacey stayed behind to discuss its content in more depth. In particular, she challenged Mr Bernhard’s views about how to live a flourishing life by comparing the lives of wealthy social media celebrities with people living nearby in poverty, …

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Friendly competition

A few weeks later both you and Zoe apply for a new management role that becomes available. Each of your incumbent managers are leaving the organisation at the same time and this new role is to lead both teams that will merge as part of a wider restructuring process. Your application is successful and your …

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It’s now or never

The charity’s management team wants to introduce a new cloud based IT system rather than relying on their old server infrastructure. This change will include all staff receiving new workstations and IT system accounts. Evelyn realises that this will be a real challenge, both for her personally and the organisation itself. She has not been …

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Burst bubble

Mel’s father asks how the meeting with Geoff went when they next speak on the phone. Mel expressed her disappointment and suggested that Geoff is possibly not what she needs to help make this important decision about her university offer. Although Mel’s father is disappointed that the meeting was not more fruitful, he wastes no …

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The Reluctant Leader

To the disappointment of the majority of your new neighbours and fellow members of the Residents Association, you politely decline their invitation for you to become the Chairperson. Your fear of public speaking and accepting the position based on your public profile is not something that you feel comfortable with. A few months later you …

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Self assessment in practice

After spending more time in an informal mentoring relationship with Jayne, Joe realises that he is not as qualified or suitable for the role than he initially thought when applying for the job. However, Joe’s military experience has given him the resilience and determination he needs in order for him to replicate the same level …

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Technology trade-offs

Your poster achieved its main objective by starting a conversation at the station about sleep and it became a focus of discussions for a few weeks. It also prompted a number of colleagues to discuss their sleep routine with you because they felt that you are an expert on the topic, probably because you used …

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Relationships – old and new

After only two weeks in his new role, Ewan realises the extent of Katy’s disengagement and lack of trust in any of her colleagues. Since Ewan’s one-to-one meeting went well, he organises a weekly and informal “coffee and catch-up” meeting with Katy where he wants to step outside of his “line manager” role and connect …

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Wellbeing Coach Enquiry

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