Behaviour Change


This course looks at how mentoring can be used by line managers to help them improve the wellbeing, culture and performance of their team. Performance related issues within the workplace are common and many line managers are not given the training required for them to effectively support the numerous and wide ranging challenges faced by their colleagues on a daily basis.

Within the course you will meet Ewan who has recently been promoted into his first management position. He is not given any training for the role and his first management challenge is to solve a performance issue with one of his members of staff – Katy. Throughout the course, your role is to observe Ewan’s actions and provide support and expertise where needed, helping him to make the right decisions for all involved.


By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  1. Explain how line managers can use a mentoring approach within their role to improve workplace behaviours and culture.
  2. Use learning and behaviour change theories within your mentoring practice to deliver improved outcomes and guide mentees through the change process.
  3. Establish and embed a mentoring culture within organisations using Nudge Theory and other methods of influencing behaviour.
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