Learner Engagement


This course looks at the different ways of engaging adult learners in the workplace using a mentoring approach to deliver sustained behaviour change.

During the course, you are going to support Evelyn who is the newly appointed digital technology lead at a medium sized charity. Evelyn is faced with a time management challenge and needs to reconsider her management style if she is going to be able to deliver an organisation-wide digital transformation project.

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  1. Outline the extent of the skills gaps in digital literacy and leadership within early management positions
  2. Describe the signs of an engaged workforce
  3. Devise mentoring activities that use learning methods that are more engaging and lead to greater memory recall
  4. Apply Knowles’ principles of adult learning within a mentoring context
  5. Incorporate the COM-B behaviour change model when devising mentoring programmes and learning outcomes
  6. How to personalise learning and flip the responsibility for addressing skills gaps
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