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Introduction This course focuses on reflection and, in particular, reflective practice. You will learn the difference between the two along with several models that you can use on your journey to becoming an effective and successful reflective practitioner. During the course, you are going to play the role of Amina who is about to start …

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Introduction This course focuses on the use of planning within mentoring programmes. In this context, planning is more of a thought process and approach rather than an activity that requires post it notes and gantt charts. During the course, you are going to meet Geoff and Mel, who meet through a mentoring programme that does …

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Learner Engagement

Introduction This course looks at the different ways of engaging adult learners in the workplace, using a mentoring approach to deliver sustained behaviour change. During the course, you are going to support Evelyn who is the newly appointed digital technology lead at a medium sized charity. Evelyn is faced with a time management challenge and …

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Instruction and Feedback

Course Objective To demonstrate how to give instructions and feedback effectively and explain why mentors should encourage mentees to take responsibility for their own learning and development. Learning Outcomes Explain how to establish and maintain their legitimacy when providing mentees with instructions and feedback  Use assessment for learning techniques and adult learning theory within their …

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Behaviour Change

Course Objective To demonstrate how learning theories and behaviour change strategies can be incorporated within mentoring programmes Learning Outcomes Explain how line managers can use a mentoring approach within their role to improve workplace behaviours and culture Use learning and behaviour change theories within your mentoring practice to deliver improved outcomes and guide mentees through …

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Brain Health

Introduction Brain Health is a general term that is widely used but its true meaning is not widely understood. This course introduces the basics of neuroplasticity and how this concept can be incorporated within mentoring programmes to assess impact and enhance progress. Grace is the subject of our case study during the course. Whilst Grace …

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Introduction to Mentoring

Introduction: This taster course provides an introduction to mentoring. You will explore some of the challenges associated with mentoring because of the widespread use of the term and different interpretations of it. You will be introduced to elements of effective mentoring practice that are rooted in research that has been applied in a real world …

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Mentoring 101

Course Objective To introduce learners to some of the essential skills, structures, strategies and priorities for effective mentoring Learning Outcomes Describe personal skills and characteristics of mentors that are more likely to deliver positive outcomes for their mentees Propose a successful structure for mentoring sessions that contains goal setting and reviews of previous targets set …

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Mentoring Questions (18+)

Course Objective To demonstrate the importance of effective questioning as a key mentoring skill and provide examples of useful techniques along with what they can achieve Learning Outcomes Identify links between mentoring and effective assessment for learningUse effective questioning techniques within mentoring conversations Demonstrate how to use effective feedback to motivate mentees and trigger action …

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Teaching and Learning

Course Objective To provide examples of how learning theory can be embedded within effective mentoring practice to support the educational progress and personal development of mentees Learning Outcomes Make learning relevant for mentees within the context of their specific educational journey Use teaching and learning theory to motivate learners and develop their self regulatory skills …

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