Addiction (18+)

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In this course we review a common addiction that lots of people suffer from, many of whom don’t even realise that they’re hooked.

During this course, you will follow the story of Jess, Shaz and Indi, three students who are struggling with this addiction. In each section, we take you through a further stage of their shared experience, and then ask you questions. In order to answer these questions, you will have research to do. In each case we have provided links to a range of articles and websites, which are accessed using the “Materials” tab. You will see this tab above the scenario details and also above the assessment questions.

These resources will not hand you the assessment answers immediately. You will need to read and digest them to find the specific pieces of information needed to answer the questions. This will have the effect of cementing the learning in your memory as you use what learning psychologists call “active processing” to understand the materials and extract the information you need. If you get an answer wrong, don’t despair; go back and look again. All of the information you need is there to be found. Remember that one or more of the options may be correct for each assessment question. Select as many of the options as you think are applicable.

Course Objectives:

To demonstrate how to apply different views and models of addiction within a mentoring context 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Suggest possible signs, symptoms and causes of addiction experienced by their mentees
  2. Use evidence based practice and addiction science to inform their mentoring programmes
  3. Combine new learning with existing mentoring practice to support addiction recovery