Leadership (Storytelling)

This course invites you to delve into a key leadership skill that can be used to communicate more powerfully in many aspects of one’s life – storytelling. It can be used within personal and professional lives to mobilise support and initiate action.
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Course Objective

To develop learners’ leadership skills through an effective storytelling framework

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe leadership, characteristics of successful leaders and the skills that contribute to the leadership gap.
  2. Use the Public Narrative framework to create Stories of Self, Us and Now.
  3. Include rhetorical arguments in a persuasive way to trigger activity and overcome inaction.


In the case study that follows, your personal situation calls on you to demonstrate your leadership and storytelling skills. The strategies and tools that you discover can be used by anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate more effectively and develop strong connections with their audience.

The course is split across three lessons with each one representing a different layer that you add to your story, building a persuasive and compelling narrative that will amplify your voice and message. Within each lesson, we ask you a series of questions where you will have some research to do using the links provided. These articles, videoclips and websites are accessed using the “Materials” tab which you will see above the scenario details and also above the assessment questions.

These resources will not hand you the assessment answers immediately. You will need to read and digest them to find the specific pieces of information needed to answer the questions. This will have the effect of cementing the learning in your memory as you use what learning psychologists call “active processing” to understand the materials and extract the information you need. If you get an answer wrong, don’t despair; go back and look again. All the information you need is there to be found. Remember that one or more of the options may be correct for each assessment question. Select as many of the options as you think are applicable.

Course Designer

John has worked in the education and professional development sectors for over 25 years. His health mentoring programmes have benefited thousands of people in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces and he continues to pioneer new ways of enhancing learning, wellbeing and performance.


This course includes:


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