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Sweating the small stuff

Mr Bernhard is a respected and well liked maths teacher at a local college. Throughout his career he has always produced excellent results with many of his students achieving high grades, despite struggling with the subject earlier in their education. However, Mr Bernhard has grown more uncomfortable and dissatisfied with how the education system fails …

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A fading light

Meet Zoe. Up until recently, Zoe was a bundle of energy in the office where you both work. However, over the past few months you’ve seen Zoe lose some of her zest, become less outgoing and increasingly more tired whilst at her desk. Zoe works in a different team to you and you are not …

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Time for change

Evelyn recently secured a promotion at a large charity where she works to become the digital technology lead. Her role is to lead transformational change in terms of the IT systems and platforms that are used by the charity. Evelyn is extremely passionate about digital technology and is highly skilled in her role. The majority …

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Another string to your bow

Your name is Amina and you are the IT manager within your organisation. Your manager has asked you to become a mentor for other staff so that they improve their digital skills and become less reliant on you for help. You did not feel that you could say no to this request and sharing your …

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Altruism or Egoism?

Geoff is a successful businessman. He made his first million by the age of 25 selling clothing and other fashion accessories through mail order catalogues. Thirty years later, Geoff now owns more than 10 successful businesses in a range of sectors from hospitality to utilities. Having taken a back seat in direct management of any …

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An opportunities that lies ahead

You are a very talented young writer and your debut novel becomes a bestseller. The proceeds allow you to purchase your first property where you plan to spend most of your time writing the much anticipated sequel. Your property is an apartment within a large period property where many of the other residents are quite …

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Time to reinvent

Joe recently left his role as an engineer with the British Army where he served for over 15 years. He is keen to use his skills and training in civilian life where he is looking forward to reinventing himself, having relocated with his wife and two young children from his base in Hampshire to the …

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Earning your stripes

You are a constable within your local police force. You love the job and are pleased that you applied for their graduate scheme during your final year of university.  Although you are new to the role, your natural leadership qualities have led to many of your colleagues relying on you for support and information about …

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Steering a big ship

You have recently been appointed as the CEO of ABC Learn, the biggest professional membership association for teaching and learning professionals in the post-compulsory education sector.  The sector is very broad, because it includes colleges, universities and training providers working in both community and workplace settings. For a number of years the sector has been …

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Wellbeing Coach Enquiry

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