Social Contagion

Yield the dividend and pay it forward

The definition of “contagious” implies that your contagious idea affects others and is likely to spread fast and wide. The idea doesn't stay with a group of people who were impacted by it; they feel so compelled by it that they pass it on by telling more and more people.

It is always great to introduce ENHANCE to new organisations. However, what excites us most is when different user groups within client organisations express interest in signing up. This is because word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool because the signpost is accompanied with a recommendation.  

Social Contagion
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A good example of this is when parents hear about the ENHANCE Programme that their children are about to embark upon and want to find out more about it for themselves. This recently happened at Nord Anglia International School in Dubai where a cohort of parents enrolled 12 weeks ago, completing their programme at the weekend.    

The programme target was 360 BrainHQ levels and the team managed to complete an average of 447 levels. This achievement was even more remarkable because the participants were juggling full time jobs, Christmas and New Year festivities and the generic trials and tribulations of parenthood and raising multiple children. 

The net result of this combined effort was an increase in cognitive performance of 18 percentile points. As well as the short term benefits associated with improved cognition, graduates will continue to yield wellbeing and performance benefits over the next 10+ years that result from this 3 month long commitment.

The natural evolution of these parent-focused programmes is when graduates pay it forward and share their positive experiences with fellow parents and/or their employer. We have recently launched ENHANCE: Matrix Edition for corporates to use within their onboarding and induction programmes, preparing their new recruits in terms of mindset, resilience and performance culture.

We are looking forward to closing this loop when one of our corporate partners becomes the first to sponsor an ENHANCE school programme. 

  1. If you are a CEO, HR Director or  Chief Learning Officer, please drop us a line about how we can ENHANCE performance, wellbeing and culture outcomes within your organisation.

  2. If you are a parent and would like to share this opportunity with children and young people in your school, feel free to forward this page to your Principal or Headteacher.   

  3. If you would simply like to learn more about how ENHANCE can help you to Focus Longer > Think Quicker > Learn Faster > Feel Better, get in touch using and we will do the rest.



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