The Dojo Diary

From Reflection to Action

Those of you who have completed an ENHANCE programme would have already appreciated the benefit of allocating time within each day to complete BrainHQ training exercises.

The same can now be said for allocating 15-30 mins of your weekend to reflect on the week that has just passed, and to prepare for the week ahead. The recently launched ENHANCE: Matrix Edition uses the Dojo Diary to guide these weekly reflections.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

The Dojo Diary is an online notepad with three sections to help guide your weekly reflection:

  1. How did your neurocognitive training go last week? Is there anything that you will do differently this week? 

  2. What was the most valuable aspect of the programme last week? Who will benefit from this most – you, your colleagues, your clients or your organisation? 

  3. What personal or professional goal do you want to achieve this week? The CREATE Coaching Framework will help you to achieve it.

The main benefit of this weekly reflection is to bring cognitive improvements into your consciousness. In other words, you are directing your attention and motivation to the behaviour change and/or continuous improvements that you wish to make. This connection is important for all learning and development activities, ensuring that desired outcomes are contextualised and applied to one’s specific situation. 

Just like ENHANCE as a programme, the Dojo Diary is all about making personalised and tangible progress in key aspects of life. If you would like to benefit from this and evaluate ENHANCE: Matrix Edition before sharing it wider within your organisation, individual participants are able to enrol on our first open course that launches on 14 January 2024. 

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