Turning Research into Reality

Bridging the Gap from Lab to Life

In the ever-evolving landscape of cognitive development, ENHANCE emerges as a winning solution that bridges the gap between laboratory research and real world impact. The phrase “Focus Longer, Think Quicker, Learn Faster, Feel Better” clearly encapsulates the multifaceted benefits that ENHANCE delivers.

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ENHANCE uses evidence-based methods to assess the needs and strengths of each client and creates a customised plan that combines neurocognitive training, behavioural change, and skill development.

  • For Education: The Libra and Onyx editions have been used to help students improve their academic outcomes, mental health, and career prospects by boosting their cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, and resilience. ENHANCE also helps teachers and educators enhance their teaching skills, creativity, and well-being.

  • For Businesses: The Matrix edition has been used by corporations, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to enhance their problem solving skills and critical thinking. In addition to helping them improve these skills, ENHANCE also helps them cope with stress, uncertainty, and change in the dynamic business environment.

  • For Sports: The Matrix edition has also been used by athletes and teams who want to enhance their performance, recovery and rehabilitation. ENHANCE helps them improve their physical, mental, and emotional fitness. ENHANCE also helps them further develop a growth mindset, a positive attitude, and a winning mentality.

Recently, ENHANCE’s reach has been extended to parents, as illustrated by the Nord Anglia International School in Dubai, where proactive parents significantly boosted their brain health and cognitive performance. This positive feedback led to the development and recent launch of an exciting new version of ENHANCE – the Family Edition.

The ENHANCE: Family Edition was designed to give access to children and young people who don’t attend schools that we currently support. Parents provide the mentoring support that is usually given by their teachers. Even grandparents can benefit from the important cognitive improvements. By completing the programme together, this intergenerational activity strengthens communication, relationships, and family bonds.

Furthermore, the development of the ENHANCE newsletter (called CREST) also aligns with our focus on reaching the peak of our potential. The acronym captures five key areas of our work: Creating, Researching, Enhancing, Sharing, and Training. These themes represent the team’s activities, neuroscience research findings, new features for continuous improvement, feedback and impact data from the programme, and practical training support. Unlike family crests within coats of arms, CREST connects subscribers not by lineage but by a shared belief in the transformative power of healthier brains.

The ENHANCE CREST: Creating, Researching, Enhancing, Sharing and Training

The life-changing journey of ENHANCE is not just a scientific endeavour but a societal call to action. With ENHANCE, the ability to improve the health of your brain isn’t just a hope for the future but a tangible opportunity for today.

To learn more about ENHANCE and what it could do for your school, organisation or family, visit evolveeducation.co.uk  



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