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Leadership (Storytelling)

Course Objective To develop learners’ leadership skills through an effective storytelling framework Learning Outcomes Describe leadership, characteristics of successful leaders and the skills that contribute to the leadership gap. Use the Public Narrative framework to create Stories of Self, Us and Now. Include rhetorical arguments in a persuasive way to trigger activity and overcome inaction. …

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Personal Branding

Course Objective To explore how to create and use your Personal Brand within mentoring programmes to strengthen relationships with mentees and deliver improved outcomes Learning Outcomes Use your Personal Brand to form close connections with mentees Identify your Signature Strengths and how to incorporate Flow Theory within mentoring programmes Describe how Personal Brands can be …

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Health Mentoring

Course Objective To explore the active ingredients in effective mentoring programmes and the essential of successful mentors Learning Outcomes Explain key differences between various types of mentoring Describe success factors for effective mentoring that should be used to inform programmes and sessions Evaluate how mentoring is used in different settings and the related beneficiaries within …

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Course Objective To provide practical ways for learners to develop the resilience of their mentees and themselves Learning Outcomes Explain why some people are more resilient than others Apply methods of building resilience within mentoring programmes Create strategies for mentees to independently develop their resilience Introduction During this course, you will follow the story of …

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