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Leadership (Storytelling)

Introduction: This course invites you to delve into a key leadership skill that can be used to communicate more powerfully in many aspects of one’s life – storytelling. It can be used within personal and professional lives to mobilise support and initiate action. In the case study that follows, your personal situation calls on you …

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Personal Branding

Introduction: This course unpacks the concept of Personal Branding and how it can be used within the mentoring process. In particular, we will explore how you can develop and share a Personal Brand that is authentic and builds on your key strengths and interests. The course follows your journey from registering your interest to become …

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Health mentoring

Health Mentoring

Introduction: This course focuses on the essential features of mentoring programmes that are supported by evidence to deliver the best outcomes. The case study follows Miriam who is a volunteer mentor within a school setting. In each section, you are faced with a specific set of challenges that will test your mentoring knowledge when you …

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Introduction This course explores why some people are more resilient than others, how to build resilience and strategies to help deal with adversity. During this course, you will follow the story of Zach, a student who is having a hard time at school. In each section, we take you through a further stage of Zach’s …

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Wellbeing Coach Enquiry

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