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Cognitive Enhancement for Children with a Tool used by Astronauts

Imagine equipping our children with the same cognitive training tools that astronauts use.

The recent ICARUS-Pilot study, presented at the 2022 JSC Technology Showcase, has made this a reality.

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“The Cleaning Lady” (Élodie Yung) with her son (played by twins Valentino and Sebastien LaSalle) in the new Fox series featured in the Los Angeles Times

This study, conducted in collaboration with NASA personnel from JSC and Ames, as well as industry partner Posit Science, aimed to assess the effectiveness of commercial off-the-shelf cognitive training software in improving cognitive performance in a population similar to NASA astronauts.

The results? Astounding. Participants showcased a remarkable 71% increase in average performance metrics and a 31 percentile overall ranking increase when compared to the general BrainHQ subscribing population. Furthermore, there was a 19% improvement in performance across 10 measures using the Cognition Test Battery. 

These preliminary findings not only suggest the effectiveness of the training approach within specific modules but also highlight the potential of such training techniques for broader applications.

Now, imagine the implications of these findings for our children. In an era where cognitive skills are paramount for success in various fields, equipping our young ones with tools and techniques used by astronauts could give them a significant edge. 

The ENHANCE cognitive training programme uses BrainHQ, which was at the heart of this research, in a format tailored specifically to children with its Libra and Onyx editions.

For parents, this opportunity is unparalleled. The chance to provide their children with a training programme that even astronauts use is not just about academic or professional success; it’s about preparing them for the challenges of the future with the best tools at their disposal. 

What’s more, ENHANCE: Family Edition, allows both parents and children to undergo this transformative cognitive training together. This not only fosters a shared learning experience but also ensures that the entire family benefits from scientifically-backed cognitive enhancement techniques. 

With ENHANCE: Family Edition, parents now have a unique opportunity to invest in both their children’s future and their own, using techniques that have the seal of approval from some of the most elite professionals on the planet – astronauts. It’s time to look to the stars, not just for inspiration, but for the tools to shape the next generation.

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