Unlocking the Power of the Brain

A Personal Transformation with the ENHANCE Programme

Imagine feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and doubting your abilities; at work and as a parent. 

Now, imagine finding something that helps you overcome these feelings. 

This is the story of a working mother who recently completed the ENHANCE programme. 

“Having a group of mums on this journey and looking at their weekly performance charts has been very motivating for me,” she commented, expressing the sense of community that the programme fosters.

Power of the Brain
A community of mothers supporting each other from Unsplash

Her journey was filled with revelations and triumphs. “With one of the exercises I could only manage 1 star but 12 days later, I was scoring 5 stars. Seeing this was an amazing confidence boost, showing that the neurocognitive training was working for me.”

Her progress wasn’t just about scores; it was about the transformative impact ENHANCE has on real-life challenges. “I started to see a change after doing the long Freeze Frame exercise… It helped me realise multitasking is a recipe for disaster for me. So, now I try hard not to do it anymore. I feel much, much better now going through my days,” she reflected.

The ENHANCE programme also helped her recognize the importance of self-care. “ENHANCE training definitely feels like self-care – something I never put at the top of my to-do list. Yet, because of the weekly goals, I had to make it happen, and it felt good to stick with it,” she shared.

Her words are not just a testimonial; they’re an invitation to explore the fascinating world of the human brain and the power of persistence, community, and self-belief. 

If you’ve ever felt stuck, doubted yourself, or simply wanted to understand yourself better, this personal story might just be the inspiration you need. 

“The human brain is just fascinating!” she concluded, and her journey with ENHANCE is a testament to that fascination.



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