What gets measured…

How ENHANCE uses data dashboards to drive engagement

ENHANCE data dashboards were launched in July 2022 and training engagement levels rose significantly as a result.

What gets measured
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Logging into BrainHQ via the web browser gives access to lots of useful and interesting training data. However, ENHANCERs have access to additional charts and visualisations of this via the dashboard tab of their Evolve Education profile.

This key feature of the programme helps in a number of ways:

  1. Self Monitoring – Habits are formed when we are reminded of our daily/weekly targets. They become part of our consciousness and we remember the motivation and commitment made at the start of the programme.

  2. Transparency – When our effort level is made available for our friends and colleagues to see we become accountable to others and motivated to demonstrate what we are made of.

  3. Competition – We are competitive by nature and comparing our training performance to colleagues is motivational, especially when the focus is on effort rather than ability

  4. Collaboration – Competing as a team against other schools, colleges or organisations means that everyone’s contribution counts, even if they are not leading the way within our own smaller community.

ENHANCE Mentors also have access to training data for users they are supporting through the programme. This information helps to inform the mentoring provided within ENHANCE. This supportive accountability is a key feature of the programme. It helps ENHANCERs to adhere to their training programme and realise the many benefits that come from completing it.

Some of this training data is now making an appearance within weekly email communication during the 12 week ENHANCE Programme. These further reminders and recognition of strong performance helps training cohorts to congratulate and support one another to reach the target training threshold. 

As we continue to make progress in this area, we invite your feedback and suggestions about how we can help you to engage further with your training programme.



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