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Character Development

Introduction This course explores the often scrutinised subject of character development and its contribution to success in terms of living, learning, and earning. We trace its Ancient Greek roots to its position within positive psychological frameworks in use today. Mr Bernhard is the main protagonist within the course, along with three of his students – …

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Personal Branding

Course Objective To explore how to create and use your Personal Brand within mentoring programmes to strengthen relationships with mentees and deliver improved outcomes Learning Outcomes Use your Personal Brand to form close connections with mentees Identify your Signature Strengths and how to incorporate Flow Theory within mentoring programmes Describe how Personal Brands can be …

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Mentoring Questions (18+)

Course Objective To demonstrate the importance of effective questioning as a key mentoring skill and provide examples of useful techniques along with what they can achieve Learning Outcomes Identify links between mentoring and effective assessment for learningUse effective questioning techniques within mentoring conversations Demonstrate how to use effective feedback to motivate mentees and trigger action …

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Teaching and Learning

Course Objective To provide examples of how learning theory can be embedded within effective mentoring practice to support the educational progress and personal development of mentees Learning Outcomes Make learning relevant for mentees within the context of their specific educational journey Use teaching and learning theory to motivate learners and develop their self regulatory skills …

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Addiction (18+)

Course Objective To demonstrate how to apply different views and models of addiction within a mentoring context  Learning Outcomes Suggest possible signs, symptoms and causes of addiction experienced by their mentees Use evidence based practice and addiction science to inform their mentoring programmes Combine new learning with existing mentoring practice to support addiction recovery Introduction …

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Course Objective To provide practical ways for learners to develop the resilience of their mentees and themselves Learning Outcomes Explain why some people are more resilient than others Apply methods of building resilience within mentoring programmes Create strategies for mentees to independently develop their resilience Introduction During this course, you will follow the story of …

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