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ENHANCE: Mentor Edition

ENHANCE: Mentor Edition is a unique, evidence based and integrated 9 week programme that delivers tangible results for those who want to achieve more from life.

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BETTER: Brain | You | Life

This course will help you to harness the full potential of the gold standard in neurocognitive development - BrainHQ. An active BrainHQ license is required to benefit from this experiential and immersive learning programme.

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Reflection badge


This course focuses on reflective practice where you will explore several models that you can use on your journey to becoming an optimally functioning mentor.

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Planning badge


This course focuses on planning as an approach and thought process within mentoring programmes - with not one single post it note or gantt chart in sight.

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Character Development badge

Character Development

This course explores the often scrutinised subject of character development and its contribution to success in terms of living, learning, and earning.

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Physical Activity badge

Physical Activity

This course shows how increasing physical activity levels within a mentoring programme can be an outcome and a method of delivering other outcomes.

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Learner Engagement badge

Learner Engagement

This course looks at the different ways of engaging adult learners in the workplace, using a mentoring approach to deliver sustained behaviour change.

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Leadership badge

Leadership (Storytelling)

This course invites you to delve into a key leadership skill that can be used to communicate more powerfully in many aspects of one’s life - storytelling.

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Instructions and Feedback badge

Instruction and Feedback

This course reviews how mentors can give instructions and feedback most effectively and why mentees should take control of this process.

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Sleep badge


This course explores links between sleep hygiene and wellbeing and discusses methods for improving the quality and quantity of sleep that can be achieved.

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Mental Health badge

Mental Health

Look at mental health through a different lens and discover practical ways to overcome it as a learner and as a mentor providing invaluable support to learners.

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Behaviour Change badge

Behaviour Change

This course looks at how mentoring can be used by line managers to help them improve the wellbeing, culture and performance of their team.

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Brain Health badge

Brain Health

This course introduces the basics of neuroplasticity and how this concept can be incorporated within mentoring programmes for improved outcomes.

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Introduction to mentoring badge

Introduction to Mentoring

This taster course provides an introduction to mentoring and explores key elements of effective practice that are grounded in research

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Personal Branding badge

Personal Branding

This course explore how you can develop and share a Personal Brand that is authentic and builds on your key strengths and interests

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Mentoring 101 badge

Mentoring 101

This course provides an overview of the important elements of effective mentoring programmes including skills, structures and opportunities

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Mentoring Questions badge

Mentoring Questions (18+)

How effective questioning can be used within different stages of the mentoring process for a variety of different reasons

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